Zoryana Marchenko

Zoryana Marchenko Biography
Zoryana Marchenko

Zoryana Marchenko Biography: Zoryana Marchenko is a Ukrainian and Russian actress. She became famous after she played the role of Marysya Sotnik in the serial film “While the Village is Sleeping”.

Quick Facts

Full NameZoryana Marchenko
DATE OF BIRTH1988 (Age: 34)
PLACE OF BIRTHKiev National University of Cinema,
Television and Theater
EDUCATIONKiev National University of Cinema ,
Television and Theater
ZODIAC SIGNSagittarius

Early Life and Education

A young Ukrainian artist, who is also well known in Russia, Zoryana Marchenko became famous for her roles in serial projects, including The Last Janissary and While the Village Sleeps. Zoryana was born on the territory of the Dnepropetrovsk region in the city of Kamenskoye on December 9, 1988. At that time, this city was called Dneprodzerzhinsk, but today it has been returned to its former name. The girl appeared in a family of actors, and therefore she knew a lot about this profession from the early years of her biography.

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Many times, Zoryana, sitting in front of the TV, watched films and imagined that in the future she would also work on the set. Mom repeatedly scolded her daughter, fearing that she would spoil her eyesight, but the baby claimed that she would certainly be on the other side of the screen and numerous viewers, like her now, would look at her with admiration.

The girl got her name from a cousin who, at the time of the girl’s birth, attended school and was friends with a classmate, who was called the way he suggested naming his sister. When baptized in the church, the future star received the Orthodox name Zoya, but she never uses it in life. Parents, as a rule, shortening the name of the heiress, call her simply Zorya.

In her childhood, the girl wanted to be a model and even fulfilled this dream to some extent, but her small height of one hundred and sixty-five centimeters did not allow her to develop in this direction, and Marchenko in no way regrets it.

As a schoolgirl, the future star attended classes without much desire, since the natural sciences, including physics and chemistry, were difficult for her. At the same time, she received a certificate with good grades, after which they went to the capital of Ukraine to enter the Kiev National University of Cinema, Television and Theater, choosing an acting direction. The institute to which the girl applied was named after I.K. Karpenko-Kary.

Zoryana Marchenko graduated from a higher educational institution in 2010. After the final exams, the aspiring artist did not remain without work, as she was invited to various cinematic projects by both Russian and Ukrainian directors.


For the first time, Zoryana Marchenko appeared on the big screen in a short episode of a serial tape called “Faith, Hope, Love.” After that, in 2011, she played a role in the TV series The Dark One Diaries. In subsequent years, one after another, new images appeared in Zoryana’s career, including a role in the melodrama Euphrosyne, a horror film called Synevyr and a detective genre film The Sniffer.

Since working on the set of Euphrosyne, the girl has repeatedly wanted to change her appearance, make a square, cutting off her long hair. However, the signed contract forbade the actress to make such changes. In the television series, Zoryana appeared before the fans in the form of Savrasov’s secretary, whose name was Marusya.

Soon, images appeared in the girl’s filmography in such films as “The Shaman“, “The Return of Mukhtar” and “Gunpowder and Shot“.

2014 for the artist was marked by filming in the serial melodrama “While the village sleeps“, thanks to which she became famous. For several months, the directors tried to find an actress who would play the main character, a young Cossack woman named Marysya. Girls from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine came to the casting. Only when the leadership saw Zoryana did they no longer need to view the applicants. Then one of the directors said that this actress looks exactly as the script requires. Thanks to this role, the career of a young artist went up sharply.

Marchenko admitted that at first on the set they were afraid of their on-screen father, who was performed by Dmitry Nazarov. As soon as you get to know him better, she simply began to call him affectionately “dad”.

During the filming of the series, Marchenko had an accident on the set. The girl was riding a horse harnessed to a cart, when she, unexpectedly for everyone, was frightened of something, and suffered. Zoryana fell off the wagon at high speed, but everything worked out, and the actress was not seriously injured. At the same time, in all subsequent scenes with the participation of animals, an understudy was filmed.

When a serial film was shown on the big screen in 2014, it received an award from the TEFFI film award, winning the Telenovela nomination. In the winter of the same year, a game was created based on the already well-known melodrama.

The success of the picture was the reason that the directors released a continuation of the story about the Cossacks, calling the new project “The Last Janissary“. TV viewers and film critics warmly received this film.

Subsequently, in the filmography of the artist, the main roles appeared in a comedy project called “This is Love.” She also starred in a short film, “Rent“. The year 2016 was marked for the artist by work on such projects as Shuttle Women, which reveals a social theme, as well as on the dramatic film Occupation.

In the fall of 2016, the first episodes of Shuttle Girls were shown, which dealt with women from the nineties. The financial maintenance of the entire family lay on their shoulders, while the husbands were out of work.

Zoryana reincarnated as Alisa Gribova, who was a nurse in the past. Together with Svetlana Lyuta and Olga Rodionova, the wives of officers, whose roles were played by Elena Panova and Maria Poroshina, they decided to create their own business. The trio becomes shuttle workers, not even suspecting that their work will be dangerous and difficult.

Personal Life

In 2014, the artist announced her marriage. The place of her husband was also taken by the actor Alexei Tritenko, whom the public knows by his role in the serial film “So far, everyone is at home.” For fans of the artist, this event was a surprise, since at the beginning of the year the girl announced that she was not going to marry.

The couple met during the filming of The Last Janissaries and signed a few months later. There was no solemn or colorful wedding, so the newlyweds did not arrange a grand feast. They went on a honeymoon trip to Georgia.

Unexpected feelings also quickly passed and after a while the couple announced their divorce. A few years later, Marchenko began dating Alexander Vvedensky, whom she met on the set of the series called “This is Love.”

In 2016, the couple had a daughter, who was named Agafya. Like many others, Zoryana Marchenko actively uses social networks. Here she shares photos from her personal life, from photo shoots, and also writes posts about good films.

According to many fans, the girl has an attractive appearance, but the artist herself does not call herself a beauty. In addition, in her opinion, she is quite self-critical.

Talking to reporters, the television star said that the profession of an actor is a real madness. In her opinion, this is the only way to learn constantly, to get used to the fate of other people, to try on masks and live someone else’s life.

The artist dreams of playing the role of Marie Antoinette in the future. She also really likes to work on the film sets of films in the military genre.

At Current Time

The Occupation series was originally supposed to be shown on the big screen in 2017. However, the premiere of the film dedicated to the Cold Yar rebels was postponed to 2018. By the way, Zoryana played one of the main characters here.

The film is based on the novel “Marconi Variant“, which is written by Mark Gres. The film became a joint project of Moldovan, Ukrainian, and Romanian cinematographers.

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