15 Lesser-Known Facts about Jalen Brunson and Ali Marks

Ali Marks and Jalen Brunson met in high school, and their relationship blossomed on the basketball court.

The pair went to their senior prom together, and Brunson posted gorgeous photos of their luxurious evening on social media.

While Ali Marks earned her PhD from Northwestern University, Brunson pursued basketball at Villanova University.

Jalen and Ali continued to be committed to one another, demonstrating that love has no bounds.

The high school sweethearts turned their relationship into a lifelong commitment

Ali has been Jalen's biggest supporter and biggest cheerleader throughout his career

Watch Ali's happiness as Jalen signs a historic $104 million contract with the New York Knicks

The couple's passion for travel has brought them to breath-taking locations like Montego Bay, Jamaica

Meet Kona, the lovely puppy who makes Jalen and Ali's life better in this episode of Furry Friend and Family Time

Discover Ali's motivational journey as she participates in marathons for Project Purple

Ali's work as a rehabilitation assistant prior to receiving her physical therapy license demonstrated both her love of athletics

Jalen and Ali post about their relationship on social media, and their followers adore them.