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Tatyana Khramova Biography
Tatyana Khramova

Tatyana Khramova Biography: Tatyana Khramova is a well-known Russian model, actress, and sportswoman. Tatyana Khramova was born on October 19, 1981, in the Former USSR. She is an actress, known for Loveless (2017), Fitnes (2018) and Syschik bez litsenzii (2003).

Early Life And Childhood

Many of the fans of the famous Russian artist Tatyana Khramova know that in 2005 this girl became Miss Nizhny Novgorod. Nevertheless, Tatyana became famous thanks to several acting jobs in multi-part films that became popular among viewers. As a rule, the girl gets images of real temptresses or extravagant heroines, because this is how the directors and screenwriters see the artist’s image. At the same time, Khramov’s everyday life is completely different. According to relatives and colleagues, she is sympathetic and sweet.

Tatyana Khramova was born on November 29, 1988, in the city of Nizhnekamsk. Neither mom nor dad had anything to do with the world of acting, but they knew about art well, since both were artists. In her youth, Tanya did not dream of a big stage at all, since from her childhood years of biography she was passionate about rhythmic gymnastics, in which she succeeded quite well. At one of the Russian championships, the girl became the second, having won a silver medal and received the title of master of sports.

In order to be able to develop her sports career, Khramova moved to Nizhny Novgorod and, in 2005, became a graduate of the Olympic Reserve School. Immediately after receiving their diplomas, the future television star began to work as a coach and also devoted a lot of time to studying such a field as PR, where she also wanted to get an education.

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It was at this point in her life that Khramova became interested in the modeling business. In 2005, a girl from Nizhnekamsk won the beauty contest and became Miss Nizhny Novgorod. In the same year, she was among the participants in the annual Beauty of Russia event, where she was awarded the title of second-vice miss. Tatyana thought about her acting career shortly after appearing on the fashion catwalk. It was for the realization of this dream that Khramova moved to the capital.

At VGIK, the future artist passed the exams the first time, after which she became a student in the workshop of Vladimir Grammatikov. Teachers and fellow students were a real family for her. Once the star of the series said that it was this period that helped her not only master the basics of the skill of an actress, but also taught her to control her own body on stage.

At the same time, she was able to rethink all her life guidelines. The actress called the period of study at VGIK a real “school of life”. After graduating from a higher educational institution in 2013, the girl continued to develop a career in cinema, which began in her last year.


Once the artist said that she was very surprised when she first looked at herself playing a role in one of the films. Then she was sure that in a simple life, she looks completely different, and for some time she simply did not watch the films in which she was involved.

Khramova first appeared on the big screen in 2011. Then she was offered a small role in the series called “Crazy”. In the very first project, Tatyana worked with such well-known actors in the country as Vyacheslav Razbegaev and Maria Golubkina.

Also at the beginning of her career, the movie star starred in the series, where she received a fairly prominent role. Then the artist reincarnated as a coach, Olesya Pavlyuchenko, who trained the main character, Milena. As the artist later admitted, it was not difficult for her to play a coach, since she knew firsthand about the sport that occupied a lot of space in her life. The skills and knowledge that she acquired in her youth were very useful on the set when creating the image.

TV viewers, for the most part, remembered Khramova after they showed the film “The Fifth Guard”. Subsequently, this project was dubbed the Detective. The heroine, in whom Tatyana reincarnated, appeared in all episodes of the second and third seasons. It should be noted that the artist received an invitation to the role from the director of the project, Natalia Mikryukova, who had known her since her first year at VGIK.

In the same period, Khramova was involved in another film set, where they filmed a film in the melodramatic genre of Light and Shadow of the Lighthouse. By the way, Tatyana was first offered the main role. Vladimir Steklov, Marina Volkova, Tatyana Dogileva, and Andrey Stoyanov also worked on the same site with her.

The project consisted of 110 episodes and was one of the longest series shown on the NTV channel. For filming, a special Lighthouse was built, which was placed on the Black Sea coast. For nineteen-year-old Ekaterina Dogileva, the daughter of the famous artist, this picture became her debut.

If we talk about the rating projects in which Khramova was involved, then we definitely need to remember the sitcom “The Roof of the World” and the serial film “Fizruk”. In the detective film “The Last Cop”, the actress starred in one shot along with Anatoly Rudenko and Gosha Kutsenko.

In addition to working in serials, Tatyana also accepts invitations to shoot in full-length projects. So, 2017 was marked by filming in the dramatic film “Dislike”, directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev. Tatyana appeared here only in a cameo role. The premiere screening of the film was held at the world level, as the picture became part of the competition program at the Cannes Film Festival. A little later, it was nominated for an Oscar, placing it in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

The actress became part of the cast of the detective show “Witnesses”. It should be noted that the script for this project was created by the same team as for the series “Next”. And if the equipment that was in the investigative and analytical department can be called “from the realm of fantasy”, then the film is based on real developments that the Russian special services have.

Tatyana reincarnated as an operative named Tori Orlova, who, as a rule, plays the “bad cop”. During the filming, the audience learned how to handle weapons and interrogate criminals, and also learned hand-to-hand combat techniques.

In the fall of 2018, the TV series “Fitness” was shown on the big screen, in which the favorite of the public reincarnated as a fitness instructor. With a height of one hundred and seventy-two centimeters and a weight of fifty-two kilograms, the artist had to gain muscle mass, making a lot of effort for this. According to the artist, she also visited the gym before, but on the eve of filming, there were more classes, reaching up to two times a day. To get the role, Khramova refused fruits and sucrose and adjusted her diet.

If there were no problems in the first project, then working on the second season in 2019, Tatyana was more careful. The thing is that shortly before the New Year, the girl found out about her pregnancy, but she promised the team that this would not prevent her from working on the project.

Khramova was able to keep her promise, but the directors and costume designers had to resort to a variety of tricks to hide the pregnancy and the belly, which increased every month.

If possible, Khramova’s figure was covered with voluminous sweaters, pillows and sweatshirts. When it was no longer possible to hide an interesting position, an understudy was invited to the project whose appearance and figure looked like an artist. It was she who performed all the complex elements and tricks. After the filming of the project was completed, the artist spoke about this in one of her interviews.

Other main characters in this project were performed by Boris Dergachev, Mikhail Trukhin, Lelya Baranova, Roman Kurtsyn, and Alexei Demidov.

2020 was marked by the screening of the serial film “Parental Right”, where Khramova again turned out to be the performer of one of the main roles. Along with the favorites of the public, Alexander Davidov, Maria Konyashkina, and Alexander Demidov also starred in the frame.

The location for the shooting was a women’s colony in Mozhaisk. Here, the artists were able to feel the rigidity of the access system, as it was forbidden to leave the dressing rooms and trailers without special permission. At the same time, the cast communicated with the prisoners in order to understand the features and convey their images as accurately as possible.

In 2021, the fifth season of the popular Fitness project was shown. The comedy project during this time was recognized as one of the most popular. Also, a real fitness club was built specifically for filming in the pavilions, in which exercise machines were placed and on which artists who have free hours are now training.

The contract of the main characters stipulated that they were obliged to keep their body in shape during the filming, and fines were imposed for extra meals. The only exception was Roman Kurtsyn, who ate five times a day, as his role required muscle mass.

In a melodramatic film from director Timur Kabulov called “The Stork on the Roof,” which consisted of two episodes, Tatyana worked with Artem Osipov and Vadim Andreev, playing the main roles. By the way, Khramova jumped with a parachute without understudies, as it was required by the script.

Personal Life

People around know that Tatyana draws quite well, which she learned from her parents. The girl devotes her free time to easels, brushes and paints. Among her hobbies is also knitting, which, according to her, relaxes and calms after the nervous and hectic work on the set. A woman strives for perfection in everything and is constantly looking for new hobbies. Among her desires is learning to play the piano. Combining filming and a busy work schedule, Khramova began attending game lessons.

The artist does not like to talk about her personal life publicly, however, in 2017, photographs appeared on her page on the social network, by which one can judge that she was married. Her husband was Valery Muratov, who has nothing to do with the world of cinema. At the end of 2018, it became noticeable in the pictures that the favorite of the public was pregnant.

Tatyana gave birth in the summer of 2019 in one of the capital’s maternity hospitals. Fans and colleagues happily congratulated the artist, noting that her age is ideal for motherhood. The heir received the name Peter.

In the summer of 2022, under one of the photos, the artist wrote “She herself is in shock.” The thing is that in the picture she is again with a rounded belly. Shortly before the New Year 2023, happy parents saw their newborn daughter. This time, the artist decided to give birth abroad.

Current Project

In one of her interviews for 2022, Tatyana admitted that she wants to pause in her professional career. At that time, she did not have approved roles, and she began to think about how to create her own movie. In addition, Khramova dreamed of opening a cafe, the menu of which would include dishes from proper nutrition. The artist also said that she had established a charitable foundation.


  • Despite the fact that many men recognize Khramova as sexy, she never agreed to shoot for men’s magazines. Nevertheless, the well-known edition of “Maxim” made the girl one of the ten sexiest women in the country and published her photo on the website.
  • In the first season of the serial film “Fitness” Khramova did not know until the last that she was facing a bed scene. Before starting work on the site, Khramova asked to write in the contract the fact that she refused to bare her breasts. When her husband found out about this, the man was sincerely surprised, saying that the figure of his wife, in his opinion, was ideal.
  • Some of the artist’s fans have repeatedly noted her resemblance to Sofya Kashtanova , who is known for such series as “Psychologists” and “Policeman from Rublyovka”. It should be noted that Sophia participated in the filming until the seventh month of pregnancy, hiding an interesting position from viewers
  • Khramova has her own business – a bakery-pastry shop, where PP desserts and cakes are sold.

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