Shocking Uproar Erupts as Rachel Zegler’s Explosive Remarks on ‘Snow White’ Remake Resurface!

Disney’s live-action adaptation of the 1937 animated film “Snow White” is set to be released in March. However, the lead actress, Rachel Zegler, has recently faced controversy due to comments she made last year.

Old interview clips of Zegler from September have resurfaced on social media, prompting criticism for her remarks about the film, the titular princess, and the character of Prince Charming.

In one viral soundbite, Zegler hinted that scenes involving her co-star Andrew Burnap, who plays Prince Charming, might be excluded from the film. Another contentious statement portrayed Zegler’s portrayal of Snow White as an independent leader who doesn’t require a prince to rescue her. She mentioned that she had watched the original film only once as a child because it frightened her.

On TikTok, some users have expressed concerns that Zegler’s attempts to make Snow White more feminist inadvertently conveyed anti-feminist sentiments. Moreover, the controversy has been exploited by some to attack Zegler, who is a Latina actor that has already faced racial discrimination regarding her casting.

Zegler’s representatives as well as Disney have not provided comments on the issue.

What exactly did Zegler say in the interviews? The shared clips depict edited sections of Zegler’s interviews, sometimes excluding her complete thoughts on the matter. In a Variety interview at the D23 Expo in September, Zegler emotionally shared her experience of seeing herself as Snow White on screen for the first time and lauded the film’s crew.

However, social media discussions have centered on her response to modernizing “Snow White.” Zegler mentioned that they updated the character to reflect the current era. She emphasized that the new Snow White is focused on her leadership qualities, encouraged by her late father’s advice to be fearless, fair, brave, and true. Another interview at the same event highlighted Zegler’s critique of the original film’s emphasis on Snow White’s love story with a prince who seemingly stalks her. She described this part as “weird” and noted that they took a different approach in the remake.

Some users on TikTok have criticized Zegler’s comments for not aligning with their view of feminism. They argued that not all women aspire to be leaders or need to reject traditional gender roles. These users defended the right of fictional and real women to embrace diverse aspirations, including falling in love, marriage, and softness.

Others defended Zegler, pointing out that not every Disney princess needs to be reimagined as a “girl boss.” They argued that diverse characters should exist without all being stamped as feminist icons, as this would make the movie industry monotonous.

The debate also touched on Zegler’s admission that she found the original “Snow White” film scary as a child and only watched it once before being cast. Some individuals expressed disappointment, while others reasoned that Zegler’s fear as a child doesn’t negatively reflect on her portrayal.

There’s a range of opinions on the backlash against Zegler. Some individuals like Ashten Stein, a brand strategist and TikToker, suggested that Zegler’s comments could have been better handled with proper media training. However, Stein also cautioned against excessive criticism and bullying, emphasizing that Zegler possesses potential if she heeds constructive feedback.

In Zegler’s defense, many supporters argued that her talent and role as Snow White shouldn’t be undermined by the controversy. They compared her situation to other actors who have expressed negative opinions about their own films but faced less backlash.

Ultimately, the dispute highlighted differing perspectives on feminism, artistic expression, and the interpretation of characters like Snow White.

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