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Angelina Strechina

Russian actress Angelina Strechina is well-known in both theater and movies. Strechina is well-known for the movies like “Guests”, “Trigger”, “Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams”, “Peace, friendship, chewing gum”, and “Pishcheblok”.

Angelina Strechina Wiki and Biography: On February 20, 1996, Angelina Strechina was born in Strezhevoy, Tomsk oblast, Russia. She is an actress best known for the 2019 films Avanpost, Polyot, and Na rayone. Angelina Strechina, who was born on February 20, 1996, is a native of Strezhevoy, Russia. Angelina Strechina will be 27 years old in 2023. More information on Angelina Strechina is provided below. This page will include information about Angelina Strechina’s biography, wiki, age, birthday, family tree, relationships, fun facts, images, and other information.

NameAngelina Strechina
Date of Birth February 20, 1996
Age27 years
Birth PlaceStrezhevoy, Tomsk oblast, Russia
Zodiac SignFish

Childhood And Early Life

Angelina Strechina was born on February 20, 1996. She was raised in a family of choreographers, thus her early years were surrounded by the performing arts. She attended a ballet school, where she majored in ballet and finished with honors, while also competing in ballroom dancing competitions. Angelina also enjoyed drawing and playing the piano, so she didn’t have much free time. Even back then, the artist adapted to a strict regime.

Angelina considered dedicating her entire life to dancing, but her parents urged her to pursue other careers. So the young lady made the decision to pursue acting. The future star of the class asked her for her teacher’s contact information as she was getting ready to enroll in a drama institution. Angelina was soon accepted to Mikhail Semenovich Shchepkin Higher Theatre School, where Vladimir Beilis and Vitaly Ivanov became her professors.

The little girl first struggled. She had up to 14 hours of class each day, no chance to visit her family, and felt emotionally stressed. If she had been a female who succeeded in school, she would have had to compete for a spot at drama school. But Strechina managed the stress, finishing her studies in 2017 with honors. Her career already included a number of prominent roles at that time.

Career And Movies

Strechina made her acting debut in the television series Salsa in 2015. An ambitious dancer named Asya is the character that Angelina portrayed. The young actress’s dance abilities were really helpful on set. Pavel Delong, Alena Babenko, and Alexander Semchev were among the other performers that appeared in the movie. Professional dancers took part in the filming as well. The movie’s debut occurred three years later.

The ambitious actress was also successful in landing the lead role in the short film “Mama vsegda ryadom (2016)” Denis Shvedov and Alexandra Kharitonova appeared in the suspenseful film. The tape was well received by critics, who praised the great performance, professional camera work, and effective editing.

Strechina made an appearance in the “Ballerina” series in 2017. Because of her background in dance, Angelina had no trouble portraying the vulnerable dancer Mira. The main heroine of this film makes a valiant effort to gain the affection of her mother, who encourages her to commit a crime. The young star’s performance received a favorable response from the audience.

Angelina eventually featured in the comedy House Arrest. The girl was brought to this initiative with the stipulation that she learn a new dance in a single day. The actress has already forgotten how to dance due to a lack of consistent practice, yet she handled the assignment flawlessly.

The celebrity’s “On the District” artwork came next in their filmography. Strechina was initially informed that she was totally unqualified for this assignment since Angelina was too inexperienced and young. Olga Zueva, the director, nonetheless chose to meet with Strechina. Olga and Angelina had a lengthy conversation. The girl was therefore given the go-ahead for the part. The actor referred to her role as a “ray of light in a world of darkness.” Angelina had to dance a lot in the frame once more.

The actress wished to depart from the stereotype of a heroine with a dance background. Angelina thus decided to play a nurse in the movie “Strong Armor”. The actress said in an interview that she looked up to weak women who had to save powerful men from combat. Even Angelina herself was unable to move the other person.

The actress’ involvement in the suspenseful film The Queen of Spades thrilled fans. By use of the Looking Glass. The incident, according to Angelina, had a lasting effect on her since she found it difficult to sleep for several nights. Strechina, though, found this encounter to be quite fascinating.

In the years that followed, the actress’s career had both tragic and humorous performances. The “Ekaterina. Imposters” television series was one of Strechina’s most stunning works. Marina Alexandrova performed the lead part in the movie, and Angelina came back as Princess Tarakanova.

Strechina participated in the simultaneous recording of many cassettes in 2020. She made an appearance on the set of the television show “Trigger” at the start of the year; the actress played the part of a young woman named Ekaterina. Svetlana Ivanova, Maxim Matveev, and other actors participated in this production.

This year saw the launch of “Strong Armor,” followed by the release of “Saboteur. Crimea,” a military thriller starring Angelina Jolie. Strechina had a supporting part in the prior film. In a recent interview, Angelina expressed how fascinating it was for her to see these two movies and contrast how she acted in each one.

The dramatization “Peace! Friendship! Gum!” was created with the actress’ help. The 1990s are the setting for the narrative. Angelina acknowledged that she was eager to get started on this assignment. The girl’s parents spoke frequently to her about the “perestroika” period.

Angelina Strechina in “Peace! Friendship! Gum!”

The next year was equally productive for Strechina’s career. She acted as the lead in the comedy “War of the Families – 2”. The actress claims that she went to the project’s first season’s tryouts but was unsuccessful in landing the part. The girl was really disappointed by the rejection, but in the second season, she was successful in landing the part of Stacy.

Viewers were able to witness the life-affirming tape “Knee-deep” in the spring. This project chronicles the life of a young guy who made the independent decision to rule the world of movies. Then Angelina portrayed a vampire in the “Food Block” television series. The girl had to put her strength to the test once more on the set.

Some of her other works include Guests (2019)The Blackout (2019)Lev Yashin. Vratar moey mechty (2019)Mister Knockout (2022) or Modnyy sindikat (2022).

Personal Life

Angelina Strechina keeps the prying eyes of the media away from her private life. The girl evasively responds in an interview that she is not alone and that everyone loves her. The actress typically makes public appearances alongside the friends she works on new paintings with. On a frequent basis, Angelina may be seen in group photos alongside other well-known Russian actors.

The actress stayed with her parents in 2020 due to the coronavirus epidemic. The famous person did not squander her leisure time. Angelina taught foreign languages and participated in athletics.

Many Strechina followers found out about their favorite’s personal life in 2022. It turns out that the actress is dating actor Ilya Malakov, a fellow cast member. The girl announced to her admirers that she was getting married to her favorite boyfriend in the winter of this year after confessing her love to her chosen one.

Current And Future Projects

The actor used to be able to easily make comparisons between herself and her roles. Angelina could then more readily adapt to the image and better comprehend her heroines. The actress has received several compliments from critics for her superb acting.

Strechina had to reevaluate her stance toward the acting industry, nevertheless, as a result of a project that occurred in her professional life. Such a project evolved into the movie “Sisters”. She was unable to comprehend why she had been given this part, even after reading the screenplay. Irina, the protagonist, was a cautious businesswoman who just valued her personal gain. She was quite self-satisfied. Angelina, on the other hand, made the decision to challenge herself and take a gamble by accepting this job.

On the filming of the biographical film “Mr. Knockout,” the actress was forced to reprise her prior role. Here, Angelina took on her customary poetic persona. The initiative is devoted to writing Valery Popenchenko’s life story. Actor Viktor Khorinyak did a fantastic job portraying the sportsman. The well-liked lead part was likewise given to Angelina.

The actress said in an interview that she finds her most recent effort to be affirming of life. The girl will be happy if someone in the audience is motivated to start performing sports after seeing this image.


Syostry (2021)7.7TV SeriesIrina2021–2022
Pishcheblok (2021)6.1TV SeriesVeronika Nesvetova2021–2023
Pryamoy efir (2023)5.82023
Beshenstvo (2023)6.2Varya2023
Bezsonov (2023)6.9TV SeriesAglaya2023
Volshebniki (2022)5.5Sestra Tyomy2022
Modnyy sindikat (2022)6.5TV SeriesTanya2022
Trigger (2018)7.4TV SeriesKatya2022
Mister Knockout (2022)5.6Tanya2022
The Parent (2021)5.9Yulya2021
Mir! Druzhba! Zhvachka! (2020)7.3TV SeriesElza2020–2021
Po koleno (2021)6.1TV Mini SeriesDasha2021
Best Frenemies (2020)6.7TV SeriesStasya2021
Six Empty Seats (2020)7.0TV SeriesNastya2021
Diversant 3: Krym (2020)5.4TV Mini SeriesLiza Shmidt2020
Two sistersTV Series2019
Lev Yashin. Vratar moey mechty (2019)6.3Football player’s girlfriend2019
Ekaterina. Impostors (2019)7.5TV Series2019
Ekaterina (2014)8.0TV SeriesTarakanova2019
Krepkaya bronya (2019)5.5TV Mini SeriesMasha2019
Volshebnik (2019)5.7Masha Lisitsina2019
Ulyana (2019)Short2019
The Blackout (2019)6.1Katya2019
Queen of Spades: Through the Looking Glass (2019)5.0Olya2019
Guests (2019)4.1Katya2019
Molodyozhka (2013)5.5TV SeriesAlisa2018
In the Hood (2018)2.8Sonya2018
House Arrest (2018)7.9TV Series2018
Salsa (2018)TV Series2018
Balerina (2017)3.0TV Series2017
Mama vsegda ryadom (2016)7.6Short2016

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